The scope of the curriculum in the sixth grade is interesting, challenging, and covers a broad spectrum of material in both skill and content areas.  In order to expose my students to the greatest amount of instructional time, some of the practice needs to be done at home.


Homework is an integral part of the academic program.  I usually assign in on Monday through Thursday nights.  When students are working on a project, they may need to work on weekends.


Some of the homework in English grammar, math,  and science is done in a workbook.    This type of practice homework is not usually graded in the normal way. I will grade this homework based on a rubric.  Our Religion book has a write in text that is used for both instruction and practice.  Reading does not follow a set pattern.  The chapter reviews in most subjects will be graded. All vocabulary workbook homework will be graded. Although all daily homework may not be graded in a traditional way, it is very important that the student do all homework completely and neatly.  The students are aware that I may collect “daily” homework at anytime.


I expect homework to be completed on the night that it is assigned and brought to school when it is due.  I understand that there may be extenuating circumstances and ask you to send in a note of explanation.  I will deduct 10% per day for late graded assignments, reports, projects etc.  If a student does not complete a non-graded homework assignment he/she will record their name in a missed assignment log.  If a student misses two or more assignments in a two week time period, they will receive a demerit.   In cases of excused absence I will allow a reasonable amount of time for work to be made up.


The amount of time necessary to complete daily homework will vary with each assignment and with each child. In this grade, studying will require more concentration, effort, and time.  Each student will be trying to discover his or her own learning style.  The average time spent on homework should be about an hour.


Corrected papers are sent home on a regular basis.  You should look for them ever week.  The papers will be topped with a cover sheet to be signed by a parent.  I would also like you to sign any papers that have a grade below 75.  I expect them to be returned by the following Wednesday.


We will be discussing time management in class.  Your help and support will be invaluable to your child.