Our Philosophy:

It is our goal to instill these educational and Christian values in the graduates of Infant Jesus School.


Through these graduates, future generations will be assured of the positive power of education and the strength of Christian beliefs


Our History

Holy Infant Jesus School began in 1909 with two Sisters and a few classes.  Because the parish had large families of French-speaking children, Reverend Millette recruited the Sisters of Holy Cross. 


They could both teach and keep alive the French-Canadian language and customs.

In 1972, the Nashua Catholic parishes consolidated into a school system referred to as the Nashua Catholic Regional School (NCRS).  A school board was formed with representatives from each parish.

In 1992, the school returned to a parish institution with its own school board and is presently known as Infant Jesus School.

At Infant Jesus School, we believe in the power of education. As we look to the future, we will graduate students who are able to demonstrate the following abilities:


  • To contribute service to the Church, to the community, and to the larger world community
  • To use God's gifts to one's fullest potential, to bring out the best in others, and to forgive others unselfishly
  • To integrate the belief in love, dignity and respect for all into actions that promote peace, global understanding and equality
  • To accept and appreciate individual differences
  • To exhibit a code of ethics in business and social interactions
  • To assess individual capabilities, limitations and areas for further development with honesty and confidence
  • To enjoy education both formally and informally
  • To think independently
  • To make decisions with intelligence and confidence
  • To preserve, protect and use natural resources in a responsible manner
  • To feel comfortable with new technology and to have the confidence to experiment with new ideas.