Infant Jesus School is dedicated to providing its students with a strong foundation of academic knowledge and skills.  The students' performance on standardized tests has been excellent over the years.  Many have earned recognition in state and even national competitions for spelling, chemistry, writing, running, and the visual arts.  Thanks to small class sizes, youngsters receive truly individualized attention.  They find many opportunities for leadership roles in both the classroom and school-sponsored extracurricular activities.

Infant Jesus School strives to graduate students who are able to:

Use God's Gifts to their fullest potential
Think independently
Make decisions with confidence
Operate technology with ease
Act according to a deep sense of Ethics
Enjoy education
Accept and appreciate individual differences
Contribute to their Communities and Faith

As a Catholic School, the Church teachings are part of all curriculum.  Students are expected to participate in liturgies, classroom prayer, and other aspects of spiritual life.  At the same time, we have an abiding respect for our  students' diverse religious backgrounds.