Stream and Art

This year at Infant Jesus School, students will continue to explore art and science connections through the Stream program with Mrs. Ashton. Students will examine life cycles, energy, light, and more through observational trips to the school gardens and through hands on experimentation. Connections will be made between students findings and the arts. 


In art, students will build upon their understanding of the elements of art: line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space and the principles of design through the creation of compositions using a variety of media and techniques. Students will further their knowledge of observational drawings, color mixing, painting, three-dimensional arts, and more.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, parents will have the option of allowing their student(s) to have a digital art portfolio on Parents can track the progression of their artist. Artwork will be uploaded to the portfolio by the teacher or students, but parents will also have the option of uploading projects that were made at home. Parents can choose to share student artwork with family and friends or to keep artwork private. Student artwork will be available for purchase as prints or gift items, and a percentage of any purchased artwork will benefit the art program at Infant Jesus School. More information is available at

Meet Mrs. Ashton

   I graduated Plymouth State University with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design in 2003. Unable to find a job in art after graduation, I began working for Walmart and was promoted to Co-manager before making the decision to return to school and earn teacher certification and a Master's degree in Art Education in 2017. I have been teaching at Infant Jesus School since August of 2018 and now, teach at Gate City Charter School for the Arts and teach adult painting classes at Creative Ventures Gallery in Milford as well. As an artist, I enjoy painting in acrylics, ink, and pastels. Art and nature are passions of mine, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share them with students.