Discipline Plan for Class 6N

                                                       Classroom Expectations



1.  If you need to speak - raise your hand


2.  When bell rings/teacher says “Class” - stop what you are doing and focus attention on teacher


3.  Keep your hands, feet and all objects to yourself.  


4.  When speaking use an appropriate voice level to suit activity


5.  No passing notes


6.  Use whiteboards only at appropriate times




If Student Chooses to Break a Rule


First Time – Verbal Warning/name on board  


Second Time -  Discipline “Paragraph” or Demerit Slip issued


3 Demerits  =  1 Detention


Severe Disruptions - Student sent immediately to office.





Praise (daily)

Positive notes home (random)

Homework passes  - individual (no paragraphs for one month)

Various other perks

The joy of learning (each day of the school year)