Welcome to 5th Grade at IJS!

Math  Our 5th grade Math curriculum focuses mainly on Decimals and Fractions.  Students will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals and fractions.  Word problems and projects are utilized to enhance these concepts and bring them into the real world.  Graphing and basic algebraic concepts are also touched upon.

Language Arts  English Grammar is the main focus of Language Arts classes.  Students continue to work on grammatical proficiency which helps writing skills across the curriculum.  Sadlier Spelling and Vocabulary is used to enhance these skills as well.  Students are given a weekly Spelling and Vocabulary quiz weekly along with Unit review tests.  We also teach writing directly using the Traits Model.

Reading  Students begin the year by reading in the Mystery Genre during the summer prior to entering 5th Grade.  They are required to complete a project to be handed in during the first week of school.  Realistic fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy and Multicultural genres are taught throughout the school year using trade books.  Comprehension and vocabulary skills are utilized to help gain deeper understanding of the genres.  Students also read books of their choice within the each genre and complete a project at home.

Science  Life Science is the main focus of our Science curriculum.  Students will learn about classification of the animal and plant kingdoms, basic parts of both the animal and plant cell working toward the study of three important body systems.  Plants and their basic reproduction, followed by Biomes finish up the Life Science portion of the curriculum.  We finish up the school year with a bit of Physics.

Social Studies  United States History beginning with the Explorers that brought our ancestors to this great country is the focal point of this curriculum.  Students will also learn about the different types of maps and some basic mapping skills.

Religion  5th Grade students focus on the Seven Sacraments.  Students will learn about each sacrament in depth as well as the history behind them.