World Language Class with Mrs. Anger.

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                    French at Infant Jesus School is a school-wide program.  Everyone from Pre-K through grade 6 has the opportunity to explore this beautiful language.  Students in grades 5 and 6 meet with me two times per week while everyone else has French class once per week.  The curriculum varies from basic phrases to basic grammar, to culture and history.  The students in the younger grades spend time reviewing topics such as numbers, the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year and colors.  We round out the skills with seasonal topics such as holidays and local events.


               Learning a second language can be quite beneficial in other areas of study.  Children who are exposed to a second language and/or culture tend to be more open to differences between people. They also tend to do well on testing because they are able to differentiate word origins.  But most importantly they may one day be able to travel the world!  The younger they begin to explore, the further they may go.  I am proud of the fact that Infant Jesus School teaches French to all of its students.


     French Subject Pronouns


je -  I                    

tu -  you (familiar)     

il   -  he or it (masculine)

elle - she or it (feminine)

on  - we (in a general sense)


nous  - we (specific persons)

vous  -  you (formal or plural)

ils  -  they (masculine)

elles - they (feminine)