Welcome to 4th grade at IJS!

Math: We will focus on continuing to strengthen math facts as we start working with larger numbers. Our curriculum will take us through concepts such as: decimals, fractions, geometry, long division and pre-algebra. 

English: Our curriculm focuses on parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Students will practice writing a variety of genres including personal narratives, how to articles and fictional stories using the Six Traits of Writing. 

Reading: Students will read a variety of genres throughout the year. We will practice many skills including comprehension, book critiques, dictionary skills, and oral reading. 

Religion: Students will study religion with our Religion/French teacher Mrs. MacDonald. Although we have a separate religion class students are encouraged to put this into practice throughout the day and live the commandments. 

Science: We will cover a variety of interesting topics including: rocks and rock cycle, body systems, and the solar system. These concepts are accompanied by fun trips and hands on projects. We schedule a visit with NH Healthy Kids to learn about our bodies and making healthy choices. 

Social Studies: Our fourth grade curriculum focuses on New Hampshire. We will study maps and location, history, famous people and state symbols and facts.