Gardening and Visual Arts Club Autumn 2016 

      This is an enrichment program which takes place at IJS on Monday afternoons from 3 to 4:30 beginning September 12.  Students will find opportunities to learn more about plants - and how and why we care for them.  There will also be some time to try a variety of art projects and nature-themed games.  The art projects may include some of the following: contour, analytical, and mass drawing, tempera and watercolor painting, basket weaving, paper marbleizing and book construction, fabric printing and sewing, paper sculpture, or block printing.  These activities will be interwoven with an ongoing investigation into plant form, function, and history.  Thus students can expect plant projects such as: 

                 Planting bulbs both outdoors and indoors 

                 Exploring plant propagation through water rooting techniques 

                 Growing plants from seeds 

                 Experimenting to learn about photosynthesis and phototropism 

                 Caring for indoor and outdoor plants 

                 Weeding and transplanting activities outdoors 

                 Making teas 

                 Tastings of seasonal fruits or vegetables 

                 Creating lavender wands 

                 Making simple hand creams and sunburn salves 

                 Crafting sachet bags or catnip mice or moth repelling pouches 

                 Arranging flowers for dry or fresh bouquets 

                 Learning to save seeds 

                 Weaving wreathes from grape vines 

                 Conducting plant sales 

                 Providing plant identification tours for younger students 

      There will also be occasional discussions and study of topics such as: plant domestication; farming methods – including traditional and contemporary organic techniques, permaculture, and industrial agriculture (and their attendant social and environmental consequences); famous people associated with agriculture; agroecology; social justice in terms of food production and access; as well as plant legends, and scientific plant classification.  Your teachers for the program will be Mrs. Couchman and Mrs. Moylan.

       There are several options for participating. You can enroll for the entire semester (Sept. 12 to Jan. 11) at a cost of $105, or you can sign up for individual classes at a cost of $7.50 per class.  Since the program runs from 3:00 to 4:30, parents are encouraged to send along a snack for their child.  Time will be allotted during the first 10 or 15 minutes for the youngsters to eat and recharge. 

                                                                         Thank you for your interest in this program!