Does your company offer charitiable donations made on-line through Benevit? 

Check with your HR department and you can begin making charitable donations to IJS right from you workplace!

Fall Calendar Raffle

Each year we team with St. Christopher's School and Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School to sell calendar raffle tickets.  Sales begin in September and raffles are drawn in October.  A sample of the winning items can be gift cards, restaurant tickets or gas cards.

Students are asked to sell the raffle tickets to friends and family or they can choose to purchase a buyout for this event.  To purchase a buyout simply click the donation button for this event.

Winter Move-A-Thon

Each year we host a Move-A-Thon to raise money for our school.  Students must provide ten names to which we send invitations to support our move-a-thon.  A day is dedicated to this event with rocking chairs, music food and fun.



Spring Event

​Join us in our annual Spring Event and bid on auction items donated by supporters and buy raffle ticks with a chance of winning a themed basket made by our students. 


The event is held at Alpine Grove in Hollis, NH.  Even if you can join us, you may purchase tickets via the PayPal button below and have the tickets donated to a teacher.

 The purpose is to have fun and raise money at the same time, so come join us.



FUNdraising Buyout

We welcome those who participate in our fundraising events, however we recognize that many of you have very busy lifestyles. 


If you agree to Option 2 fundraising you will receive 10 calendars, your IJS student will be able to participate in the school Rock-A-Thon and you will receive two tickets to our annual Spring Fling event.  (The amount is per family and not per student)

Please click the link below and you will be guided through the Buyout process.

Please enter this code when

ordering: 3517L71416398