Program: Sadlier

Guides children on their journey of discipleship as they Learn, Celebrate, Choose, Pray, Share, and Live the Good News of Jesus Christ.


• Learn that God made the World and all living things


• Gain an understanding of the Church year that we celebrate


• The Kindergarten religion curriculum enables students to:


• Know that God created each individual and that they are unique


• Understand that God loves everyone and that everyone is special


• Learn about the Saints


• Become a good friend and respect each other by thinking WWJD - What Would Jesus Do

Specialists of the Week:

Monday - French

Tuesday - Library/Computers  Wednesday - Music          

Thursday - Art

Friday - Gym



There is so much to learn this year and lots of fun to be had! Here's a look at what you can expect your child to learn this year!


The Kindergarten Phonics/Language Arts program utilizes a combination of the Sadlier and Wilson Fundations programs.

  • Develop phonemic awareness and apply phonological skills 

  • Recognize and name all upper and lower case letters 

  • Identify all letter sounds 

  • Correctly form all upper and lower case letters 

  • Identify the beginning and ending sounds of basic words 

  • Spelling/identifying high frequency sight words 

  • Generate rhyming words 

  • Divide words into syllables 

  • Correctly hold a pencil 




Program: Sadlier

Problem solving: Begin to develop skills for problem solving and apply strategies to solve problems

Reasoning: Use mathematical reasoning to sort by color, size, shape and attributes.

The Kindergarten math curriculum enables students to:

  • count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s up to 100 

  • Write and identify numbers 0-30 

  • Add and subtract numbers 0-10 

  • Develop an understanding of coin names and values 

  • Estimate the number of objects in a set 

  • Recognize shapes and attributes 

  • Form patterns (ABA, AABB) 

  • Understand simple fractions (half, quarter) 

  • Develop a basic understanding of telling time



Students will learn how to make predictions and observations and how to record results through simple hands on experiments. Topics covered will include: weather, nutrition, colors, chemical/ physical changes, living vs. non-living, ocean, recycling and the Earth. They will build confidence in themselves as they work together to make experiments in the world of science!