October Newsletter




Religion Unit 1 – We are continuing with Unit 1 and learning about the many gifts that God has given us.  We will be focusing on His gift of water, land & the animals. God’s gifts are all around us and we need to do our part to help take care of these precious gifts!


Phonics Unit 2 – We are continuing in Unit 2 and learning about the consonants: f, m, s, t, h &b.  The students will learn letter recognition, sound and formation of these letters.  They will continue reading their leveled readers and using their “reading finger” to point to each word as they read to help with memory.  Wilson Fundations continues to be learned to review letters and letter formation when writing.  (ex. Sky line, plane line, grass line & worm line)


Math Ch. 2 Geometry & Patterns – Students will learn to investigate and experiment with the relationship between shapes in their environment as they relate to geometric models.  We will be focusing this chapter on learning about cylinders, cones, spheres, cubes & rectangular prisms.  We will also be learning about patterns & growing patterns as well as how to determine what the pattern rule is.


Social Studies: We will be completing our unit on being a good citizen.  Students will learn the importance of keeping their neighborhood clean, following their community laws and about some great citizens they can look up to such as, Ruby Bridges, Benjamin Franklin & Cesar Chavez.

What are we learning this month?

A look back:

Our field trip to Parlee Farm was wonderful!  We had beautiful weather and lots of great volunteers to help our trip run smoothly!  We will be making applesauce with some of the apples they picked and we will be doing some apple activites/experiments!

A look ahead:

October is Community Helpers month.  We will have visits from the police department and the fire department.  If you know of a community helper that would be interested in coming in to talk with our Pre-K & Kindergarten classes, we would love to have them!  Please let me know! :)

This & That

Show & Tell: Each week, your child will have the opportunity to bring in a show & tell item.  They will explain to the class what it is and why it’s special to them.  It doesn’t matter which day they choose to bring in their item but they will only get one time per week to share.

Buddies: Kindergarten will be meeting their fourth grade buddies this month and will be sitting with them during mass and getting together for monthly activities.

Congratulations: Our Kindergarten room mother will be Mrs. Evelyn Beran!

Words to Practice

Words to Review:

the, am


October sight words:

all, is, for, me


Please continue to review letter name/sounds daily in addition to reviewing sight words!

Dates to Remember


10/2 School Picture Day

10/4 -St. Francis mass *church uniforms

10/6–Come join for Principal’s coffee@ 7:30!

10/9 – Columbus Day – No School

10/11 – visit from the Nashua Fire Dept.

10/20 – last day to order November lunch

10/23 – WWJD prayer service

10/24 – storytime with Sr. Evelyn

10/25 – visit from the Nashua Police Dept.

10/27 – Halloween/Fall celebration party *more info to follow from the Parent Association

10/31 – last day to wear “summer” uniforms

10/31 – Trunk or Treat *more info to follow

10/31 – Class Halloween Party *Mrs. Beran will be in touch regarding this!

11/1 – school mass *church uniforms