When I look at books and listen to stories I learn:

  • That books are important and enjoyable

  • That print is written down

  • To handle books with care

  • To use my imagination and make up my own stories

  • To recognize certain words when I see them in print

  • To follow the development of thoughts and ideas in the plot of the story

When I play with blocks I learn:

  • One to one correspondence, concepts of addition

  • To make and repeat patterns

  • To exercise imagination

  • To cooperate with others

  • Possible left to right progression

  • Symmetry, shapes, order, and design

  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Concepts of shape, size, length, and location

  • To see myself from a different perspective 

When I play with sand I learn:

  • To exercise my imagination

  • How to use tools

  • To solve problems

  • How to play socially with others

  • Concepts of size shape and volume

  • To observe changes 

When I participate in group time I learn:

  • To listen and understand spoken words

  • That my ideas have value to the other children and teacher

  • To wait my turn while others are talking

  • New vocabulary words 

  • To help plan what we will do and when we will do it

  • The names of the other children

  • To remember the words of songs, and poems I have learned

  • To cooperate and be considerate of the needs of others 

When I paint I learn:

  • To exercise my imagination and creativity

  • About how colors mix to make new colors

  • Concepts of shape, size and location

  • An acceptable way to make a mess and have fun sharing ideas with others

  • Eye-hand coordination

When I write and draw I learn:

  • To hold a pencil or other drawing implement and to control the pressure

  • To express myself with words

  • That my ideas have value

  • To exercise my creativity and imagination

  • The basic strokes of the printed language