Welcome to Third Grade!

In third grade, the students are learning and making new

discoveries each day!  They are adapting to being part of

the older half of the school.  This can be fun! They are now

the “big buddies” in our school buddy program.  It also

comes with more work and responsibilities. 







                                                                                     In science we learn about nature and the environment, and we spend time learning

about the weather and making weather predictions.






Social Studies lessons focus on our community

for the first half of the year and then we study

all about the United States of America. 







                                                                                   Math lessons now have a primary focus on multiplication and division! Even as the year

progresses, the times tables are practiced

so that thestudents know the answers with ease!







Our Reading groups focus on a different genre

each month with a book report at the end of

each.  Some books are read as a class together,

and some are individually picked and read at

home.  Each genre ties into the lessons in class

to further facilitate their learning.







                                                                                                English/Grammar and Writing are also important pieces in third grade. 

We practice writing in complete sentences to

answer questions,and we expand writing

skills with writing prompts and fun activities.







Our Religion classes and service projects help

us to go a step beyond the regular expected

behavior and help us to think of others with a

Catholic attitude and care for everyone around

us, in the classroom and out.


Come in and see what our class is all about!