All grades are working hard in Math Enrichment.  I was very pleased with all the work that the students have been putting into their Enrichment projects.  Come on in and see their finished products hanging outside my classroom!


What we are working on:

Grade 2:

In Second Grade we are learning all about fractions and probability.  For fractions we are working with halves, thirds, and fourths, whole numbers and the number line, comparing and ordering fractions, estimating fractions, and parts of a set.  For probability, we are learning how to predict outcomes and certain, possible, and impossible!

Grade 4:

In Fourth Grade we are learning all about division, decimals, and algebra.  For division, we are working with two, three, four digit dividends and higher.  For decimals, we are learning about tenths and hundredths, comparing and ordering decimals, rounding and estimating decimals, addition and subtraction of decimals, and dividing money.  For algebra, we are working with equations, functions, missing symbols, and the use of parenthesis!


Grade 5:

In Fifth Grade we are learning all about metric measurement, ratio, proportion, and percent, and algebra.  For metric measurement, we are working with metric units of length, capacity, and mass, square measurement, area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and triangles, surface area, and volume.  For ratio, proportion, and percent, we are learning about ratios as fractions, proportions, scale maps, relating fractions to percents, relating percents to decimals, and finding the percent of a number.  For algebra, we are working with algebraic expressions and equations, properties of inequality, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of equations, integers, the coordinate plane, sequences, and function tables!


Grade 6:

In Sixth Grade we are learning data and graphs.  We are working with finding the mean, median, and mode, frequency tables and dot plots, box and whisker plots, histograms, variability of data, shape of distribution, and statistical questions!